Who Decides What Senior Volunteers Do?

The key word in Senior Volunteer is volunteer. As a volunteer assignment, the volunteer holds the reins to their own happiness. There are choices as part of the system.

Senior Volunteers: Choice One

To become a Senior Volunteer, a person enrolls in SeniorCorps’ three programs: RSVP, Homebound Companions, or Foster Grandparents. Each Senior Volunteer can choose the program that sounds the most like their interests.

Senior Volunteers: Choice Two

Once they pick a program, they fill out forms that indicate their interests and skill levels. Senior Volunteers are then interviewed by the local SeniorCorps recruiter. When they are matched to a program, they have an opportunity to give their input and state their scheduling limitations.

Senior Volunteers: Training Is Confidence

No system is perfect, but SeniorCorps works hard to direct volunteers into positions that they can enjoy. By providing training, it also ensures that a person enters their volunteer position with the tools they need to feel successful. Many volunteers become even more skilled as they remain on the job, learning and growing in their assigned role.

Senior Volunteers: Stipend Or Not

As Senior Volunteers make their choices, it is important to remember that not all SeniorCorps programs can offer a stipend. RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program can only offer some cost reimbursements. However, RSVP actually offers the widest variety of nonprofit placements. Homebound Companions, who help the elderly, and Foster Grandparents, who help children or teens, offer stipends to those qualify.

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