What Services Do Senior Volunteer Programs Provide?

People over 55 are finding out that they can really make a difference in the lives of children and the elderly. If wondering what services do senior volunteer programs provide, the Senior Corps who are funded and operated by the Corporation for National Service, offer specific programs for senior to choose from to help their communities, individuals and organizations.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP is a program that provides many different opportunities for seniors over 55 to get involved with their communities. This program works with a variety of institutions, agencies and organizations to provide a station for the volunteers. They can be libraries, hospitals, courthouses, schools, nursing homes, community service offices and the boy scouts or girl scouts. What services do senior volunteer programs provide with this program? Seniors can often put their job skills to use by helping with building houses to secretarial skills to nursing skills. This gives seniors an opportunity to help others and receive the rewards of purpose and satisfaction. Volunteers work for free although they are compensated for travel expenses.

Foster Grandparent Program

The FGP program gives seniors over 55 the opportunity to help children who have exceptional or special needs. Some children are disabled, others have been neglected or abused,. Some of the children are young mothers and fathers who are teenagers and have children of their own. Some children have been diagnosed with HIV or are drug addicted. Low-income seniors receive support, stipends and transportation when volunteering for this program.

Senior Companion Program

What services do senior volunteer programs provide in the SCP program? Seniors over 55 assist the elderly in their communities who are frail or have other disabilities by providing short-term assistance, recreational and social activities and non-medical care. Volunteers who are considered low income receive benefits and a small stipend.

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