What Does AmeriCorps SeniorCorps Do?

If your wondering what does AmeriCorps SeniorCorps do, seniors over 55 have so much to offer. With their lifetime achievements and their worldly knowledge they can and are making a difference in America’s society. They come from many different backgrounds to offer their specialties, from farmers to artists to business owners and executives.

What does AmeriCorps SeniorCorps do?

What does AmeriCorps SeniorCorps do but work to connect people with those who needs them the most. They become companions, mentors, coaches and offer their professional skills to organizations and communities.

Who do AmeriCorps SeniorCorps Help?

The men and women of SeniorCorps give their time, experience and personal knowledge to nonprofit organizations, individual people, faith-based organizations and community organizations. All senior volunteers are trained and guided so they can serve according to their own interests, talents and time.

The Foster Grandparent Program

This program brings together children with exceptional needs with adults who will help these young people. They play an important role in their lives, offering support, mentoring skills along with kindness and compassion.

The Senior Companion Program

This program connects volunteers over 55 with adults who need help with simple everyday tasks. They do shopping for them along with light housework, assist in keeping their necessary medical attention in order by communicating with doctors and sometimes just offering their time and attention to people who may not have anyone else to interact with.


This program matches seniors over 55 with community opportunities that coincide with their job skills. They help to build homes, give children their immunizations, do environmental work and assist with non-profit organizations. As each individual has a unique talent to offer, what does AmeriCorps SeniorCorps do but work to make life better for other individuals in the United States.

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