What Do Community Service Programs Do?

National service programs

Whether homeless, abused, recovered, released, aged or simply caught in the throws of life, many find themselves in need.Community service programs operate across the United States.
A monetary donation is one way to contribute to others without direct involvement in their affairs. Larger cities have more resources than smaller cities so federal funding varies from place to place.

Types of community service

Traditionally, community service programs provided food and clothing to needy families and service hours to those who had court costs or city fees.The services that assist children became more popular as single mothers flooded the workforce. Other programs are organized by celebrities to support those suffering from various natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Crisis intervention programs

Childcare, medical and transportation assistance, educational grants and counseling are all services available to women with minor children who fall below the national poverty level. Abused women and their children find solace in the safe houses run by professionals. Local community service programs assist victims of rape and or abuse and help relocate the victim to a new place of their choice. The help they receive saves their lives.

Individual services

Community service programs developed by men who are ex- offenders or have studied intensely the behaviors of people returning from prison have helped to turn around the lives of countless parents who needed help to return home to their families. Programs that assist with shelter and job leads stabilize those with special mental health needs and these individuals are able to return function in a changed society. Individuals on any type of court supervision are given choices to help improve their lives.

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