Senior Corps Programs

Service is Love

More than half a million Americans that are age 55 or more contribute their time, skills, and experience to assist local nonprofit organizations. These organizations are referred to as Senior Corps Programs and they are committed to providing immeasurable value in carrying out their mission. A few of these programs include the Foster Grandparents Program, the Senior Companies Program, and RSVP.

The Foster Grandparents Program

This is a great program that allows volunteers that are 55 or older, and on a limited income, to lovingly serve the children and youth with exceptional needs. A Foster Grandparent could mentor a troubled teenager or a young mother. They also may care for a premature infant, or another child with a physical disability. Foster Grandparents also may help children who have experienced abuse or have been neglected.

The volunteer Foster Grandparent may willingly serve from 15 to 40 hours a week. The service may take place in schools, hospitals, juvenile correctional institutions, or Head Start and daycare facilities.

The Senior Companions Program

This wonderful program allows individuals that are aged 55 or older, and have a limited income, to offer their services to adults in need. The volunteers will offer assistance and friendship to those adults who experience difficulties in daily living tasks, for example shopping or paying bills. This program allows the adult to keep their independence instead of having to move to a costly institution.

Senior Companions may willingly serve between 15 and 40 hours weekly. The average companion is able to help between 2 and 4 adults in keeping their independence and living in their own home. A Senior Companion does receive monthly training, provides relief to caregiver, and alerts family members and doctors in the case of any medical or other problems.


This amazing program is one of the largest volunteer efforts nationwide. This program allows people aged 55 or older to serve as a volunteer in a variety of activities within their community. The opportunities to serve are as diverse as each community is, and may include:

>The opportunity to organize a neighborhood watch program
>The opportunity to mentor or tutor a disadvantaged or disabled youth
>Assisting in renovating homes
>Teaching immigrants English
>Serving and assisting victims of natural disasters
>Offering service in Homeland Security efforts

This is just a small list of how a volunteer may help and serve their community. The volunteer may do much more depending on their own individual interests and talents.

17 Responses to “Senior Corps Programs”

  1. Fran Hollon says:

    How do I? physically challenged (wheelchair dependent) and soon to be age 65, qualify to receive a companion from your program?

  2. Melanie B. says:

    Regarding Senior Corps, is there a paid stipend of $200.00 a month and reimbusement for gasoline mileage?

  3. Hello, we are a non-profit organization, and we are looking for volunteer in various possition from
    • One on One mentor
    • Evening Group Activity assistant
    • Room Organizer
    • Mass service Escort
    • Apartment organizer
    • Appointment Companion
    would this be something your company can help with. Thank You

    Maria Figueroa
    Activity and Volunteer Coordinator
    Restart, Inc.

  4. Esther Kumar says:

    My friend is a foster grand parent and I would like to speak someone about this. I am retired and I am 59

  5. Christine says:

    I need the help of a retired architect who can get me a permit for work done in the basement 55 years ago. I am in New York City and have received a building code violation.

  6. darees says:

    I am looking for help in caring for my mother in law , living alone in ann arbor, MI area are there any volunteers here?.

  7. Mary says:

    can a person that needs cancer treatments qualify for medicade after even though they turned 65 years old in January. This person was told she didn’t qualify for social security as she was mostly a housewife and hardly worked. And can she qualify for disability?

  8. […] true for seniors since volunteering has multiple benefits for the elder population. There are a multitude of organizations that dedicates it’s time to recruiting senior volunteers for different causes. For seniors who […]

  9. Richard says:

    How come senior time is considered to be free time while everybody else’s time us so valuable? Isn’t time just time? So our time is as valuable as is anyone’s. So if time is valuable, how about paying us for our time instead of exploiting seniors for free time.
    And why are the wealthy always trying to solicit money from the working class and poor to finance their expensive conquests and reaping the profits? It’s time for them to pay out of their own pockets, if they want these programs, instead of ours.

  10. merri says:

    I would like information about a companion coming to help my 87 yr old mother-in-law. She doesn’t drive.

  11. testdomain says:

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  13. setuju dengan adanya senior program ini,akan dapat membantu masyarakat ke depan nya (indonesian)

  14. willing to work and help other

  15. besi siku says:

    i like this information very informatif. thanks

  16. I am looking for help in caring for my mother in law , living alone in ann arbor, MI area are there any volunteers here?.