Senior Corps Information

The Senior Corps offers volunteer opportunities and services to people who are 55 years of age and older. The program consists of three main parts. The RSVP program, the Foster Grandparent program and the Senior Companion program. Each arm has its own goals and services. All three programs are administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

RSVP Program

Members of the RSVP program help with local clean ups, providing education for children and adults in challenging situations, and help local law enforcement with safety patrols. RSVP works well for those seniors who want to stay active.

Foster Grandparent Program

As the name suggests, the Foster Grandparent program gives people over 55 who have the time and love children the chance to work with children. Volunteers can serve as a mentor, or volunteers can take a more active role.

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion program works a little bit differently. Instead of relying on people who are 55 or older, this part of Senior Corps recruits younger individuals to spend time with senior citizens in need of companionship. Members of the Senior Companion program spend their time in nursing homes and other facilities offering their time to combat the loneliness that often comes with getting older.

A person who wants to find out more about Senior Corps can visit their website dial 800-424-8867. Retirement does not have to mean giving up on work entirely. If a retiree wants to look for something to do and does not necessarily need a part-time job to meet his or her income needs, Senior Corps might provide the opportunity he or she needs to keep his skills sharp. Local Areas on Agency may help clients locate volunteer opportunities in the areas that a local area agency on aging serves. If nothing else works, all an interested party has to do is look for the Senior Corps logo.

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  1. Lyn Borst-Smith says:

    My 83 yr old mother is in assisted living here in AZ. The seniors here would like to get involved in something for community but do it from their assisted living home. Maybe something they can put together, make (simple) etc. They want to feel needed again. Any ideas.

    Thank you.

  2. Christine Giuliani says:

    Perhaps the seniors could do a series of essays about what life was like for them at certain ages. For example, “I am a 87yr old woman…when I was 15 the world was different. I remember….”

    I am starting a project with college students to do the same thing; my goal is to use the letters in a mentoring project for teen girls. I would actually love to have senior citizens send submissions. Their stories are important, they need and deserve to share their oral/written histories.

  3. Jorge Sandoval says:

    Dear Organization

    My name is Jorge Sandoval a coordinator at Fundacion Bolivar education which is a non-profit foundation for volunteer work in Ecuador and also a Spanish School. We are focusing mainly on education but offer a variety of programs in any fields..incl. Volunteer work in the Galapagos!

    The reason for this email is to ask if your organization would be interested in working with us. We have a low cost operation with 10 employees in 3 different offices throughout Ecuador (Quito,Cuenca and Galapagos) and we can offer personalized service to the students and volunteers at very competitive prices.

    Simon Bolivar is the biggest language schools in Ecuador and one of the major travel agencies. This gives us the ability to offer a complete package for the students and volunteers incl. Spanish lessons and travel around the country. We have special prices for lessons and travel for the volunteers.

    We have some interesting projects for seniors

    Please let me know if you need more information. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • I am a teacher. Until recently I had professional people whose native language was Spanish come to my home for lessons. I gave that up because I wasn’t busy enough to pay for the trouble. I would love to work with your program…but I do use a three wheeled scooter to get around because of a childhood bout with polio. I have a Masters Degree in Secondary Reading and thirty three years experience. My hobby is travel…last year I went to South Africa. My next adventure I hope will be Ecuador. Thank you.
      Margaret Bonds

  4. john boda says:

    i want to join senior corps so i can find activities to participate in instead of staying home all the time.

    john boda
    1230 law court
    rosenberg,texas 77471

  5. G. Jackson says:

    Hello all, I’m considered old school but I love being able to post and view places like this.I remember the old BBS modems where connecting at 6k was good and 56k was just a far away dream. And now kids who don’t even know about cassette tapes let alone vinyl records are walking around with more computing power in their cell phones than IBM had in their labs when I was growing up. Anyway thanks to all of you for your blogs and to the webmaster here for providing this site. Cheers

  6. jo shue says:

    how can a volunteer get a tax free stipend? I saw it in Kevin Treadeu;s book (free Money)

  7. Adam says:

    Definitely, our older folks needs more attention from us the younger ones. Its as if paying our debts of gratitude to everything that our parents had done for us. Kodus!

  8. Tory Strong says:

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  9. worldclock says:

    Senior Corps Information – just great!

  10. cathy bryant says:

    I am interested in enrolling my mother in the Senior Companion Program. She is 86yrs old and I am unable to help her with household tasks etc as I am disabled. Pls contact me asap. I am in dire need of help.


    Hello my name is Stephanie, I am a recreation director at Atlantic Coast Rehab, a nursing home in Lakewood, NJ. We are looking for volunteers to visit our wonderful residents with dogs or cats on your schedule. If anyone is interested we would love to have you visit! Please contact me at (732)364-7100 ex 246. if you are interested.
    Thank you,

  12. Pat says:

    Just in case you have more volunteers than you need, I’m looking for someone to make a friendly visit to my elderly homebound parents in Marlboro, NJ. I’ve been through the system and cannot believe there is nothing.

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