Research and Evaluation

There are many ways that the Senior Corps members help others. The results of this difference are seen in research and evaluation of these programs. Some of the ways that this is done is to look at the many ways that seniors work on these concepts. Seniors age 55 and older have a lifetime of experience to share. There are many environments that seniors have worked in during their lifespan,and contribute to the service that they can give society at large.

What They Can Offer

Seniors may be involved in everything from the Foster Grandparent Program to helping older adults with the task of daily living to being a mentor to children in the schools. They can also mentor fledgling businesses by being part of the Senior Corps of Retired Executives. There are many ways that seniors can make a difference, and these are simply a few of them.

How Senior Corps Changes Lives

Since the Senior Corps practices the culture of citizenship, service and responsibility, they are a civic group who does make a change in lives. An evaluation of that concept is prominent in reports that have been done about the various programs. Information from the 1999-2000 school year shows the Seniors for Schools program made a difference with well over 200,000 children in terms of tutoring,mentoring etc.
The senior companion to the elderly program’s evaluation done in 2003 showed that seniors made a positive difference from 64 percent to 87 percent of the time in the areas of transportation,providing companionship, etc.

Other measurable outcomes obtained by Seniors are in the Foster Grandparent Program again, statistics are only available from 2003-2004 but they show that the Foster Grandparent Program made a significant difference in the lives of children, without grandparent support, over 80 percent of the time. the The RSVP or Retired Senior Volunteer Program has served several million people annually. Based on results these programs work and should be continued.

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