How Do I Become A Senior Companion?

Together with the help of volunteer companions, who’re themselves our seniors, the elderly with actual physical as well as psychological needs receive additional care to allow them to stay independent in their own individual homes and stay away from nursing homes. Assistance is supplied free of charge.

Who’s Qualified To Receive Companion Services?

Preferred local community organizations, like the Alzheimer’s Association, Veterans Affairs Medical Center as well as Parkland Memorial Hospital, direct clientele to the Companion Program. The staff, in assistance with these types of organizations, is in charge of the training, positioning and guidance of the Senior Companions. Get in touch with the Director of the Senior Companion Program regarding details on generating referrals to this program. Personal recommendations aren’t recognized.

How Senior Companions Help

Senior citizen Companions offer 20 – 40 hours per week in the house of a elderly client. They will supply support in numerous areas such as:

* Socialization – Supplying friendship; talking and listening; providing peer guidance.

* Escort services – Accompanying clientele to health-care doctor’s appointments as well as to recreational and sociable occasions.

* Assistance care – Helping with respite care; discovering local community services; conversing client needs to program personnel.

* Personal care – Helping with grooming, feeding as well as doing exercises.

* Home managing – Assisting with light house cleaning as well as mealtime preparation.


In general senior companions help with assisted living for the elderly that are still ambulatory so that they will be able to stay in their respective homes. Helping with doctors appointments, personal care, care of the clients home, and just in fact supplying needed friendship for people that have, for the most part, outlived their friends and relatives, is what the program is really all about. Senior Companions are most needed in these positions when there will be 77 million baby boomers moving towards retirement who will need, somewhere down the road, a hand up. If you need these services or would like to help the elderly in your spare time, contact the Director of the Senior Companion Program in your area just by calling the operator.

15 Responses to “How Do I Become A Senior Companion?”

  1. joyce waller says:

    i am interested in becoming a paid senior companion-please contact me through my e-mail
    for more info

  2. Debbie Larson says:

    I am interested in becoming a paid senior companion-please contact me through my e-mail

  3. Josefina says:

    I am interested in becoming a paid senior companion.Bilingual (spanish)reside in Guadalara, Mexico. Can travel any place. Dual citizenship.
    House-keeper companionship or travel, love cooking, I drive, love dancing, secretarial assistance, more information tru my e-mail

  4. Janet Crews says:

    I am interested in becoming a paid senor companion — particualr interest is on coastal Maine. I would p[refer closer to the 20 hr per week mark. I am doing such work now in St. Loui for “Seniors helping Seniors”. I plan to move to Maine the first week of May. Is there anything available that I might apply for. Thank you. Janet Crews

  5. Janet Crews says:

    I am very interested in applying for a paid senior comapnion positin in the coastal Maine area beginning the second week of March. I am doing exactly that kind of work now in St. Louis, but plan to move to Maine the first week of March. I am 70 years of age, but in excellent health. While not up to a marathon — I am also in good condition. I love working with children and the elderly and also visit a nursing home once a week as a volunteer taking folks out and playing games with them. The email address is my daughter’s as I am (VERY) temporarily withou one of my own. Looking forward to your response. Thank you. Janet Crews

  6. ethel elder says:

    I am interested in being a paid companion for senior citizens.Did this type of work for private citizens for about 10 years.Willing to work in the Polk county area in Florida.Will take you to the doctor,shopping,get meds,out toeat,etc.Waiting to hear from you.Thanks in advance.Ethel

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