Are There Senior Programs Available In My Community?

Every community has the need for senior volunteers. Smaller communities may need these services even more than the larger communities. These small communities often find themselves in need of helping their citizens without the tax base or funding necessary. This is where the assistance of senior programs comes in to play. Senior volunteers take their years of experience and gained knowledge and share it with their community. The volunteer opportunities are endless and can be adjusted to the volunteer’s expertise or capabilities.

How Do I Find Out About Senior Volunteer Opportunities In My Area?

There are several ways to find out about senior programs in your specific area. You can go online and visit Senior Corps. This site is dedicated to connecting seniors with volunteer opportunities within their communities. You can also call one of your local charities, check the classified ads in the town newspaper or ask at the church you attend. All of these places have the abilities to connect you with senior volunteer programs. Many charities will also post notices in the community centers of retirement communities.

Can I Decide How Much Time To Volunteer With A Senior Program?

Senior volunteers are encouraged to offer 40 hours a week of service, however, no program is going to turn away help. While these senior programs often act as jobs, so 40 hours a week is necessary to fulfill the position, there are several senior volunteer opportunities that do not require full time. When you fill out your application to become a senior volunteer and interview with the charity or placement officer, simply let them know when you are available and how much time you can donate. They will be able to match you with positions that fit your skills and your time requirements.

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