Are There A Lot Of Volunteer Opportunities For Seniors?

For those that are 55 and older volunteering is a great way to provide service to others, while keeping you young. There are over 26 million senior volunteers. Through volunteering, they give over 5.6 billion hours of their time. That’s impressive. Many older adults desire activity. They are mature and have many skills to offer to those in the community. Their services can range from business mentoring, to a health aid. There are many opportunities to provide service to others. And there are many organizations to help fit the senior with the perfect program.

Common Volunteering Opportunities

Whether it is a charity or a local business, a senior citizen can make a difference. There are many areas activities that can utilize their services and skills. The average volunteer gives 4.4 hours of their time every week. It is common to find volunteers in hospital settings. Many hospitals will have senior “ambassadors” greeting patients and visitors. They are a great asset to have as clerical assistants. You may also find seniors working in the gift shop, or delivering flowers and newspapers to patients. There are even retired physicians and nurses that provide medical services to the community. Another popular location is at the voting booths. Churches and charities are always looking for a helping hand. Mentoring is also a great way to share knowledge and skills with others.

How to Find That Perfect Opportunity

A senior may wonder if there are a lot of volunteering opportunities. There are and all they have to do is ask. There are also organizations help seniors find a volunteer position. Examples of these organizations include the Senior Corps, AARP, and Volunteering makes a difference, for both the senior and those that they serve.

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