Will Medicare Supplemental Cover Basic Expenses?

Medicare does not provide coverage for all types of conditions, medications and treatments and in order to have the necessary coverage additional insurance is required. This Medicare supplemental insurance is offered by private insurance companies, not through Medicare.

How It Works

This Medicare supplemental insurance does not work with any other type of insurance and can only be purchased by those that are on Part A or Part B of Medicare, it is not available for those on Veterans Administration benefits, union or employer group coverage, TRICARE or Medicare Advantage. The coverage offered under the Medicare supplemental plan will be specified by state and federal laws, as all policies are standardized. The main difference is that the cost of the policy will vary depending on the company that is offering the gap coverage.

What Does It Cover?

So will the Medicare supplemental insurance cover basic expenses? This depends on what those basic expenses are and if they are covered under the regular Medicare plan. All of the different Medigap plans, from Medigap Plan A to N cover basic benefits. Depending on the plan additional deductibles are available for doctor services, foreign travel, hospital services, at home recovery, preventative care, nursing home costs and can cover the extra costs for items, services and products that are only partially covered by Medicare plan A or B. Therefore Medicare Supplemental Insurance can cover any costs for basic expenses if these are not already covered by Medicare.

Choose Your Plan

Be aware that there are a range of different Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, therefore those interested in purchasing a plan need to make sure that their basic expenses are all covered, as expenses vary depending on the person. Some types of coverage may not be considered a basic expense for one person while it is necessary for others.

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