Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care?

Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care? The Answer Is Yes

Medicare will pay for home health services if it is ordered by a physician. There is also certain criteria a patient must meet to qualify.

Criteria to Qualify For Home Health Care

To receive home health care, a person has to be home bound and unable to leave without the assistance of another person. Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care is yes, provided there is a need for skilled nursing by the patient. There has to be written orders from a physician. The physician will determine what services will be needed from home health.

Services Home Health Care Can Provide

Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care is a frequently asked question. Home Health can provide several services to be paid by Medicare, as long as the criteria are met and it has been ordered by a physician. A skilled nurse can come regularly to the home to perform services ordered by the doctor. Wound care, Medi planners, and lab draws are among some of the services Medicare will pay for. An aide can be provided to assist with personal care. Medicare will pay for physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy if needed.

What Does Medicare Hope To Accomplish

The reason for the answer yes to Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care is to provide better health care and save money. Medicare hopes, by sending home health into the home, hospitalizations can be decreased or eliminated. The home health nurse can detect problems before they become critical and report to the physician. On his orders treatment can be started immediately.

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