Will Medicare Cover Me If I Was In An Accident?

The MSP Rule

Yes, Medicare provides assistance if you were involved in an accident. Despite the fact that Medicare will pay such costs, it should be understood that in such cases, Medicare secondary payer (MSP) rule will apply. This rule dictates that a person involved in an accident should try to cover accident expenses from the insurance company. Medicare will only act as a supplement to general insurance if the person is unable to avail all the insurance resources. Simply, if a person has both Medicare and automobile liability insurance then Medicare will only cover part of the expenses, which are not covered by liability insurance.

Conditional Payments

Interestingly, Medicare will provide ‘conditional payments’ if court proceedings take more than four months to pay any claims. In rare instances when court action is 120 days or longer, Medicare should cover every expense, but the recipient of the benefits is obliged to pay back the costs after getting claim from the insurance company. With no-fault insurance, it is the duty of a Medicare recipient to exhaust all the necessary resources before turning to Medicare.

Important Considerations

Accordingly, it should also be noticed that it is important for a person to have some sort of accident insurance policy. If a person does not have an insurance policy or the policy has expired, he may not seek any remuneration from Medicare due to MSP, Medicare Secondary Payer rule. Also, it is recommended to consult Medicare regarding exact terms of coverage because Medicare benefits may differ from State to State. Furthermore, Medicare benefits may not be available in situations where large sum is required to cover the cost of accident, caused by a Medicare recipient.

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