Will Medicare Advantage Get Slashed?

Medicare Advantage will get slashed due to health care reform. Some estimates say that as many as four million Floridians may have some ties to the Medicare Advantage program. This means that some people are going to have to become worried about their Medicare benefits because the insurance companies will no longer be getting subsidies from the federal government. The subsidies that the federal government was giving them was something that happened to make the prices associated with insurance costs more affordable. You have to ask yourself whether it is a good thing if you work for insurance companies for them to longer get those subsides.

Federal Government

The federal government is in charge of funding a lot of the Medicare program, but the truth of the matter is that we are talking about a joint state and federal program. The subsidies that the insurance companies happened to get through Medicare Advantage are something that made it easier for states to deal with their Medicare reimbursement rates as they try to draw doctors into their states. Many people seem to think that the health care reform law did a good job dealing with the demand issue of health care, but did not make sure enough doctors and nurses got hired through the bill in the process. Medicare Advantage is about making sure doctors get the right kind of Medicare reimbursement rate.

Medicare Advantage

There are a lot of people out there who have become involved with the Medicare Advantage program. A lot of people have become dependent upon the Medicare Advantage program. There are a lot of people who may object to the fact that the federal government is subsidizing the insurance companies, but people are also having to subsidize the Medicare Part D program.

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