Will Health Reform Kill Medicare?

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is the government run health care program for seniors. It is an entitlement program that the government gives to you just for being an American citizen. Basically, it is a way that seniors can be able to pay for the medical care that they need at a time when they are mostly unable to work. Medicare is something that has been around for many decades and it has helped many people to be able to lift themselves out of poverty or keep themselves out of poverty.

Is Medicare Safe?

Some have wondered about the future of Medicare in our country. Since this program is an entitlement program, that means that the government fully funds it. The problem is that the government has not been funding it correctly for many years now. This means that as the costs of health care continue to go up, you can expect a lot of people to find that Medicare is not covering all of their bill anymore. There is only so much money, and there are so many costs. Despite all of this, Medicare is here to stay.

Why Will Medicare Survive?

Medicare is going to survive the recent health care reform bill and anything else that comes on the agenda for years to come. Despite what you will probably hear about a lot on television, you will find that this program is still going to be able to be funded for quite some time. One of the most active voting groups in the country are our senior citizens. One of the most important issues to them is the continuation of this program. Both Democrats and Republicans will eventually work to make sure that they are able to fund this program well so that they can claim these voters as their own.

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