Why Buy Insurance To Supplement Medicare?


Medicare was created by the federal government to provide medical coverage for persons who are 65 years old and above. It also provides coverage for some persons who are under age 65, if they have certain medical conditions that fit into the Medicare guidelines for coverage. The amounts that Medicare pays do not always pay the total of a recipient’s medical charges. Much of the time, a person is required to pay from their own pocket.

Gaps In Coverage

In many cases, Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for all of a senior’s medical needs. Also, because of the gap that exists between the amount that Medicare will pay and the total amount that is actually due, many people choose to buy insurance to Supplement Medicare.

Insurance To Supplement Medicare

Private insurance companies offer insurance to supplement Medicare in order to help “close the gap” that Medicare doesn’t pay. These insurance policies are referred to as “Gap” policies or “Medigap” insurance. There are 12 different choices of benefit combinations to choose from. When you are choosing insurance to supplement Medicare, you will want to evaluate which coverages will best suit your individual needs.

Not Covered By Medicare

A partial list of services that are not covered by Medicare would be: eye care (glasses,) hearing aids, dental care, dentures, long-term skilled nursing facility care beyond about 100 days after a hospital stay, and homemaker services. But frequently, these expenses become necessary. This is one major reason to have insurance to supplement Medicare, so these necessities can be provided.

How To Purchase

Because private insurance companies offer insurance to supplement Medicare, you may contact several to discuss your possibilities.

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