Why Are There So Many Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans?

Supplemental aka medigap insurance does exactly what it says. Fills in what the original Medicare does not cover. There are
12 medigap or supplemental plans offered; the most popular are plans C and F. Why? Because they cover most major benefits you need and are less costly.

Why Are There So Many Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans?

To be honest, it can be confusing. Since the original Medicare does not cover all that may be needed by a annuitant, if you have to dig in your pockets to cover the costs it could quickly drain your financial resources.

How Do These Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Work?

Hopefully, you will review several Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans and costs to verify they include features you think are important, like what exclusions for pre-existing conditions are in the policy of choice as well as the opportunity to renew without a penalty. Comparing a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan is easy. Picking the right one might be a conundrum.

How Can I Determine Which Supplemental Insurance Plan Is Affordable For Me Or Not?

There is a plan called the Medicare Select that some states still offer. These cost less than the usual gap or supplemental policies but they do restrict which provider you can choose. It’s kind of like one of those old HMO plans that were not very well received by consumers.

What About Claims? I Can’t Afford Getting Bogged Down

Most Medicare supplemental insurance plans allow you to submit claims directly to them, not Medicare. However, this is not a given. When you select your supplemental or gap plan it would be wise to ask the insurance company it they have a “crossover” arrangement with Medicare.

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