Who is Medigap Plan L Best For?

Medigap health insurance policies cover fees for care that Medicare does not pay. For a monthly premium, these policies will pay your co-pays and provide certain additional coverage. Some things about Medigap policies are changed for next year. To obtain a Medigap policy you must be receiving Medicare Plan A and Plan B.

Changes to Medigap Plan L for 2011

If you want drug coverage (Part D) you will have to buy a separate policy if you are new to the Medigap plans. If you have an older plan, it is up to your insurer if they want to keep this coverage with your current plan. In 2011, all Medigap policies will include coverage for nursing home co-pays. They will also include co-pays for hospice care. These policies will also include a benefit if you become sick out of the country.

Medigap Plan L Coverage

In addition, by law, all Medigap policies include the same basic core benefits. These include paying for Part A copays, paying for Part B copays, three pints of blood coverage, and certain other benefits depending on your plan and the laws of your state. Medigap Plan L includes a deductible you must reach in order to achieve 100% coverage. This deductible is $2310. After you reach this deductible, the plan pays 100%. Before you reach your deductible, you will receive only 75% coverage of the fees coverage by this plan. Plan L also requires you to pay the $115 Part B deductible yourself. Some plans cover this fee.

Premiums for Medigap Plan L

Because Medigap Plan L pays out less money, its fees are lower than a more comprehensive Medigap Plan, such as Plan F. This is a good plan for someone who needs cheaper premiums or does not use medical services very much during the year. Yet, it will provide good coverage if you need access to a lot of medical treatment unexpectedly. The costs for Medigap Plan L vary much in the same area. You need to do research before buying. You can find available plans through www.medicare.gov.

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