Where Do I Complete and Submit My Medicare Application?

Know the rules, check-out the various plans and options, fill out your Medicare application, and sign up.

At age 65 men and women are supposed to be smarter than the average bear, but the process to sign up for Medicare can still leave some individuals confused with a small dash of frustration.

Is There An Easy Part Of Completing And Submitting The Medicare Application?

The beginning process is easiest which would include Part A and Part B.

What Are The Legal Ramifications Of Submitting My Medicare Application?

If you are a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and you’ve had a minimum of 40 quarters of income wherein Medicare taxes were paid, it will not be necessary for you to go online or manually sign up for Medicare Part A or B. Thanks to the computer, you will be automatically enrolled. However, it might be prudent to verify your enrollment by visiting this Web site: Medicare.gov.

When Completing My Medicare Application, Should I Include Part B, too?

Well, it works this way. In your application, you’ll be asked if you want to participate in Part B. If you don’t want Medicare Part B, and then decide at a later date you want the coverage, your option may be delayed; as well as paying a higher monthly premium. This premium may be avoided if you qualify for a “special enrollment period.”

My Sister Completed Her Medicare Application Online. Can You Do That?

The answer is yes. It’s quick, easy, and convenient, and you eschew driving to the SS office and wasting time and gas. Online applications to complete and submit your application takes less than 15 minutes. You can use the online application at the age of 64 and 8 months, no forms to sign, and it’s all done electronically.

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