When Can I Join A Medicare Drug Plan?

When Can I Join A Medicare Drug Plan?

There are some general rules to know when selecting any Medicare plans once you become a member. Have you chosen the correct plan? Is it one that fits you? Most of all, are the drug services you need covered?

Can I Join A Medicare Drug Plan Immediately?

Yes, if you choose to do so. Medicare offers a prescription drug plan called Plan D. However, if you already have creditable prescription drug coverage from your current employer or union you may not need any further coverage.

Okay! But Will My Existing Coverage Work With Medicare Or Any Medicare Drug Plan?

Well, one thing to find out is if any drugs you are currently taking from your employer or union coverage will be covered under the Medicare drug list and is that doctor and/or pharmacy on the Medicare approved list. You might want to compare the premiums you are currently paying versus what the costs might be under the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. What you find may surprise you.

If I Cancel Any Current Drug Plans I Currently Have Can I Still Join Medicare Plan D Later?

Medicare Drug Plan D can always be an option you can choose. You just have to decide what’s best for you in terms of types of coverage available, the costs, and any other coverage rules that may apply.

What, If Any, 2011 Changes Are Forthcoming In the Medicare Drug Plan?

There will be more choices in the Medicare Drug Plan D stand-alone prescription drug section. Also, monthly premiums will rise by 10 percent from what what was paid in 2010. To check on 2011 drug changes, contact:

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