What Paperwork Will I Receive From My Medigap Provider?

When you first contact a Medigap provider to enroll for a new policy with their program, you will be provided with enrollment paperwork to fill out. The paperwork asks many questions that will give the provider your detailed medical history. If you are applying outside of the open enrollment period, you will be given forms to complete that will allow the Medigap provider to determine which of their plans you will be eligible for and also which rates will apply to your policy.

Additional paperwork required by your Medigap provider

Other forms a Medigap provider may give you to complete are legal forms and waivers. In addition to these forms, you will also be required to sign paperwork when you are changing your Medigap provider. The new provider will require that you state in writing that you will cancel your former policy with the previous provider after the new policy is issued.

Annual enrollment paperwork from your Medigap provider

Providers of Medigap insurance set a time of year for their annual enrollment during which time current policy holders are able to made adjustments to their policies. This is usually a simple process that does not require a great deal of paperwork and is completed quite quickly.

Monthly Medigap billing invoice

This is a critical piece of paperwork that is sent to all Medigap policy holders. On receipt a credit card payment is required or a personal check has to be sent to satisfy the bill.

Doctor’s offices and Medigap paperwork

In addition to the forms you will need to complete for the Medigap provider, when you visit your doctor’s office, he may also request that you give the details of the Medigap insurance you are covered by. This is done when you first visit the doctor’s office. Claim forms will need to be completed from time to time and the doctor’s office will often complete these on your behalf.

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