What is the Medicare Transfer Enrollment Period?

Many people wonder when it is the right time to go for the Medicare transfer enrollment period. However, there is no rocket science involved here because as long as one is 65 years and older and subscribing to either one or two of Medicare plans, say Part A or Part B when it is combined with the Medicare advantage plan, then that person automatically qualifies for the transfer enrollment period. One must meet certain requirements in the HI008O1.131 for entitlement to premium in the HI rule.

Start with the part B Medicare plan

To qualify for this, one must fulfill all the requirements as they have been laid down in the coverage plan. However, anyone, as long as they are 65 years old and above, they qualify for the transfer enrollment plan. The plan indicates that one is no longer covered by Part A and so for six months since the day the subscriber was deemed no longer covered by plan A, enrollment is attainable.

When to take advantage of Medicare TEP

There are many instances when one can take advantage of the transfer enrollment period. Among the causes for that are the death of a medical practitioner, medical practitioner moving from one state to another, being a victim of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis. Others are like nursing home negligence.

Make use of the time given for Medicare TEP

It is very wise to note the times given for the transfer periods from plan A to B and vice versa. Therefore it is smart to time your moves such that they coincide with the period given. After the TEP coverage ends One has up to 8 months to sign up for Part A of Medicare and if the expiry catches up on you, then you have to wait for another full month before you can sign up.

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