What is Medicare Entitlement?

Medicare is a system of health care that is provided by the government of the United States of America to its citizens who are above the age of 65 years. Medicare entitlement refers to the rights to qualify for a Medicare cover. There are several factors that are considered in determining Medicare entitlement. If you are a worker, you require at least 40 credits to qualify for Medicare entitlement. These credits cater for hospital insurance as provided in Medicare Part A. If you are married and your spouse has earned the required 40 credits, you can also enjoy the Medical entitlement of your husband.

Basis of Medicare Entitlement

Medicare entitlement is based on a number of factors. Disability is one such factor. If you suffer from any form of disability, you will qualify for Medicare part A and B on the first month of the second year since you began receiving payments of Social Security on disability. The administration on Social Security will make necessary alerts regarding the start date of your Medicare entitlement. The entitlement will continue to be effective eight and a half years after the payments for disability come to an end. A person with disabilities will qualify for the entitlement even though they have not attained the required age of 65 years.

How to Apply for Medicare

If you are a beneficiary of social security, then automatically you will be enrolled in Part A which caters for hospital insurance. This part is free. You will also be enrolled in Part B of the cover on free will since you can decide to opt out of Part B of the cover. In case you do not at any one time receives your benefits from the Social Security, you should inform the authorities of this body as soon as is possible and this should be before you attain the age of 65.

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