What Is Advantage Medicare Insurance?

If you’re not sure what all is covered under Advantage Medicare insurance, start here!

Medicare is a type of medical insurance offered by the Social Security Association to senior citizens 65 and older. People who are already enrolled for Social Security benefits will automatically receive Medicare once they turn 65, while those who are not enrolled will be eligible to sign up once they reach their 65th birthday as well. Medicare is broken up into multiple parts that generally include Part A, B, C, and D. Each part entails its own coverage and services. In this article, you’ll find out what the Advantage Medicare insurance plan entails for you.

What is Advantage Medicare Insurance?

Advantage Medicare insurance is a combination of both Part A and Part B under the umbrella of Medicare services. It is also often referred to as Part C of the Medicare system.

What Does Advantage Medicare Insurance Cover?

As you would suspect, since the Advantage plan combines both part A and B of Medicare insurance, the patient receiving this certain plan would receive all services provided by both A & B.

Part A under Medicare typically offers services such as general hospital care, nursing care, home health care, and more. Part B is more geared towards providing services such as doctors’ services, medical equipement (must be approved), lab work, x-rays, and much more.

What Does The Medicare Advantage Plan Cost?

Generally, discounts are given for buying the Medicare Advantage Plan due to bundling both Parts A & B together. Generally, the cost includes the premium for Part B and the premium for Part A if the senior citizen did not pay enough into taxes while working. The Advantage Plan (or Part C) is typically the smartest route for people who would already want to enroll for Part A & B.

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