What Is A Certificate Of Medical Necessity For Medicare?

If a person needs a service that may not be covered by Medicare, he will have to provide proof from a doctor that the service is medically necessary. This certificate is the appropriately name Certificate of Medical Necessity. A patient only has to obtain the paperwork, he does not need to fill it out. A doctor who deals with the government agency must state why the services is necessary, the conditions that make it necessary and provide his opinion why Medicare should sign a waiver. Although the person does have to get the paperwork, he does not have to fill out the forms.

What Does a Certificate of Medical Necessity Usually Cover?

Many medically necessary procedures are already covered under Medicare. Eye wear and dental work are usually not covered, but durable goods refers to items like wheelchairs, intravenous medication and medical supplies that a person can touch. When a company shows the ads for power wheel chairs and scooters, they are often getting a doctor to sign off on the idea that the good is medically necessary. Most doctors will recommend a scooter or wheelchair if they feel a patient cannot get around legitimately.

How Hard Is It To Get a Certificate of Medical Necessity?

As long as there is a demonstrable need for a medical good or service, a doctor will have no problem filling out a Certificate of Medical Necessity. The doctor will send it to Medicare along with any appropriate paperwork in most cases. If a patient needs to prove that he needs the device, he will need to ask for a copy, but this is not normally the case. Services or equipment that are already covered under Medicare Parts A and B do not normally require any extra legwork on the part of the patient or the doctor.

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