What If I’m Not Covered By Medicare Part A?

Not being covered by Medicare Part A may be difficult if a person needs to be hospitalized, but it is not the only option. A person can pay for his own hospitalization insurance or he might qualify for Medicaid. If he does not qualify for the free Medicare Part A coverage for any reason, he must notify the social security office before doing so. The social security office will adjust their records, but that does not help a person who finds that he needs to pay for an extended hospital stay.

Getting Coverage If You Do Not Qualify For Medicare Part A

Not qualifying for Medicare Part A is not as hard of a problem as it might seem. Plenty of insurance companies offer hospitalization insurance. As long as a person subscribes to the policy fairly young and keeps paying the premiums, he can prevent himself from falling into financial ruin by preparing. Some conditions may reverse his lack of qualifications, such as going through end stage renal failure. A person with limited income may qualify for coverage under the Medicaid program administered by his state. The Department of Public Welfare can process a person’s Medicaid application.

What If I Do Not Qualify for Medicaid or Medicare Part A?

Unless a senior citizen is not a legal citizen or resident, the options under which he might not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare or rare. It does happen from time to time, however. Many states have a low-cost option for people who do not qualify for Medicaid and who are not necessarily old enough to qualify for Medicare. These programs frequently have long waiting lists, but they may be the only option if a person finds himself in this unusual state. In an emergency situation, it’s just to best go to the hospital. Hospitals cannot turn away patients seeking emergency care.

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