What Can Affect Your Medicare Coverage?

Medicare is a program of insurance on health that is provided by the federal government to its citizenry. To qualify for Medicare cover, you must have attained the age of 65 years. There are various aspects that are covered under Medicare. However, there are some certain factors that could affect your Medicare coverage. These factors may reduce the extent to which your Medicare coverage goes and this will work to your disadvantage.

Other Determining Factors

There are exceptions to this particular age limit. If you are suffering from any form of disability, the Medicare Coverage will equally be extended to you. Medicare coverage is also available to persons who have been diagnosed with a condition of kidney failure that is permanent. You also qualify for Medicare coverage if as a worker you have the required qualifications to be a recipient of benefits of Social Security.

Failing Health

One of the factors that can affect your Medicare coverage is failing health. If your health fails and you are forced to stay in a nursing home, Medicare will cover only part of the amount that you incur while in the nursing home. Should you opt to go to a nursing home directly without going to a hospital, Medicare coverage will not help foot your bills.

Divorce As A Factor

Divorce is another factor that could affect your coverage. If you are receiving Medicare coverage on account of your spouse, a divorce will render your coverage null and void as it will stand canceled as at the date of the divorce. However, if the coverage is based on your work, divorce will not have any effect. The main factor that is considered in the case of divorce is the length at which you were married. If you were married for a period exceeding ten years, even though the coverage was based on the work of your spouse, you will not lose the coverage.

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