What Are My Options For Medicare Insurance Supplements?

Individuals that are looking for Medicare insurance supplements have many options that are available.

The best way to supplement original Medicare is to purchase a Medigap policy. This type of policy will be needed because original Medicare does not cover all health care costs. This means that there is a gap in coverage for individuals that are on original Medicare.


Medicare insurance supplements is insurance used to pay health care costs that original Medicare does not pay. This includes coinsurnace, copayments and deductibles for Part A and Part B for Medicare. If you already have original medicare, then you can supplement coverage with a Medigap policy.


Medicare will pay some of the costs for your health care first. The Medigap policy will then pay for the remaining costs that are covered. You will need to pay for any remaining costs. Policies can be found if you search for health insurance companies in your state.


Medigap policies are plans that range from A through N. All insurance companies offer Plan A and will also be required to offer Plan C and Plan F. You will not find Plans E, H, I, and J, offered by any health insurance company as they are no longer available.


All Medicare insurance supplements sold by insurance companies are standardized. This will make the process of comparing individuals plans easier. You do not need to worry about being denied by a health insurance company because they cannot deny a policy based on an existing health issue.


Individuals are eligible to purchase Medicare insurance supplements if they are over age 65 and are on both Part A and Part B of Medicare. Policies can be purchased during an open enrollment period based on age and an individual’s date of birth.

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