What Are Medicare’s Coverage Options?

The most basic options for Medicare coverage are known as Plan A and Plan B. With Plan A, a person is basically purchasing hospital insurance for any medical charges that may be needed while in a hospital. Plan B is medical insurance for examinations from a doctor and any other related costs.

Two Newer Medicare Coverage Plans

Aside from plans A and B, there are other Medicare options to know about. These other two are Plan C and Plan D. The Medicare Advantage Plan, or Plan C, is a combination of both A and B coverage’s, but is issued from private insurance companies. Medicare coverage options included with the Advantage Plan are:

-Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO) – Basically with this option, the person may be asked to accept a primary physician. When needing a specialist, the patient needs written statement from their primary physician giving the okay. Be aware that only certain doctors and hospitals accept this plan and that it only covers a specific area.

-Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPO) – The only main differences from the HMO plan are that the patient can see any doctor that accepts Medicare, and does not need an okay from a primary physician to see a specialist for treatment.

Plan D is simply having prescription drug coverage insurance. In most cases a premium is payed as well. The patient has the option of choosing which prescription drug plan best suits them. This is possible because though plans vary, it will cover any medically needed drugs.

What People Should Remember When Choosing Medicare Coverage

People who are already covered by their employer, or any other medical insurance companies, should not change their policy until they have spoken to a licensed provider or benefits administrator.

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