What Are Medicare Enrollment Tools?

When To Enroll For Medicare Enrollment Physical Exam

Welcome to Medicare physical exam is a preventive physical medical check-up that is done only once. It can be done within the first 12 months of enrollment in Medicare Part B (the term that is officially used to refer to Medical Insurance).

What Is Done During Medicare Enrollment Exam?

The Welcome to Medicare physical exam includes a comprehensive review of a person’s health through a thorough medical history and family history as well. It also includes the latest updates on preventive services with some in the form of cancer screenings and vaccination shots. Therefore, one requires to have a list of the prescription drugs that they may be taking, together with immunization records and medical history for the doctor to have a comprehensive examination. He or she may take this opportunity to discuss any end-of-life planning to ensure that your loved ones know so as to fulfill your last requests.

Cost Of The Medicare Enrollment Exam

The Welcome to Medicare physical exam is done at no cost to the beneficiaries. It is now possible for Medicare beneficiaries to visit a health care provider for free preventive care services that are approved by Medicare.

Other Services That Are Included In The Medicare Enrollment Exam

Some of the preventive care services that are included in the welcome to Medicare physical exam are a free annual wellness visit ( one wellness visit every year), cancer screenings, bone density screenings, certain cancer as well as screening for diabetes. It’s very important for an individual to give true information when taking these exams, this helps in proper assement and medicare plan selection, should you find yourself not get good information on medicare you can always contact a proffessional.

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