What’s NOT Covered by Medicare Part A and Part B?

Medicare part A and part B cover multiple medical expenses. For some, what is covered is sufficient as is, but for others, additional coverage may be needed. There is various expenses that Medicare plans part A and B may not cover.

How many Many Medicare plans are there?

There are four Medicare plans, Part A, Part B, Part C and D. Each cover an different criteria of medical expenses. Medicare Part A and Part B generally cover inpatient and outpatient services. While Part C and Part D offer additional coverage.

What does Part C cover that Medicare Part A and Part B does not?

Part C, also known as an Medicare Advantage Plan, not only covers all of the coverage offered by the two former plans, it also offers additional coverage which isn’t covered by Medicare Part A and Part B. Extra services offered can include dental, vision, hearing, as well as other services. Many Medicare Advantage Plans also include Part C.

What is it that Part D covers that Medicare Part A and Part B does not?

This Medicare plan, also offers prescription drug coverage. Costs vary in this area, depending on who’s offering the service. Other types of insurance such as employee and union, may be compatible with this plan. Please contact your benefits administrator, if you wish make any changes to your coverage. You and your family’s employer or union health coverage could be lost if they don’t consider your drug plan creditable.

Where can I find additional information?

You can visit medicare.gov for more info. There you can find contact numbers for help over the phone, and numerous topics addressing Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. It is a comprehensive resource, which can be very helpful concerning any additional questions concerning Medicare.

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