Medicare Medicaid Insurance: What Seniors Should Know

Important information that senior citizens should know about Medicare Medicaid insurance.

Medicare and Medicaid insurance was created for the poor and the elderly so they would have help in covering their medical expenses during a time when making money becomes harder to do. While these programs provide basic coverage for medical costs, there are certain things that one program will do while the other won’t do. There are misconceptions amongst the elderly about what this insurance does and if they qualify.

Medicare Medicaid Insurance: What They Cover

One misunderstanding about Medicare is that it does not cover every medical need. It doesn’t provide coverage to items like glasses or hearing aids. Also, it doesn’t provide help to services like preventive or long-term care. Medicare also only pays for the first 100 days at a nursing home. Medicaid is there to cover holes that Medicare leaves. Medicaid assists with services like long-term care and items like glasses.

Eligibility For Medicare Medicaid Insurance

There are different qualifications for a senior citizen to be eligible for Medicare Medicaid insurance. For Medicare, any senior is automatically eligible at the age of 65 through Social Security despite income. With Medicaid, the income of an applicants is a major factor in deciding if the applicant is accepted. However, Medicaids services are free once an applicant qualifies.


Many people don’t understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. One difference is that Medicare cares for a sick person only if they show signs of recovery, although they still qualify if they get better. If they don’t recover, the only option left is to use Medicaid, which can drain finances. It’s important for seniors to know everything they can about the two so they won’t be left in financial ruin.

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