Is United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance My Only Choice For a Medigap Plan?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services authorizes United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance as one of numerous available supplemental plans.

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance is a Medigap plan. Although Medicare generally helps with hospital and other medical costs, enrollees often experience gaps in coverage. Healthcare needs vary based on the individual and there is no one size fits all type of plan. UHC is one company that offers options where traditional Medicare coverage is lacking.

Choice Of Companies In Your Area

Medicare is a federal program. However, state officials regulate and administrate private health insurance coverage, such as United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance. Insurance companies send out advertisements in the mail and run commercials on televisions that encourage senior citizens to sign up. United Healthcare has been offering insurance access for decades and is a familiar household name to many senior citizens. However, when it comes to getting the right healthcare coverage, Medicare recipients may want to explore all options.

AARP Branding On United Healthcare Plans

The American Association of Retired Persons is a non-profit advocacy group for people over the age of 50. United Healthcare has a partnership with the AARP. Some of the UHC plan offerings include the AARP brand name. The organization encourages its millions of members to take a serious look at United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance, but AARP is not the insuring company. UHC is the insurer.

Finding Medigap Plans

Senior citizens can go online to the website to find Medigap choices on the state level. After inputting the zip code, the website shows a list of companies that offer plans. In general, United Healthcare is a large insurer that is available in many states across the country. Some Medicare enrollees might see UHC at the top of an alphabetical list of options, including the “AARP HealthCare Options,” a United Healthcare Insurance Company.

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