Is Medicare Mandatory If I Am Receiving Social Security?

Fortunately, there aren’t many things that government can force you to do beyond paying taxes. While the Medicare system has helped prolong and improve the quality of life for many Americans, nobody can force you to use it. That doesn’t mean thought that it won’t be available for you later, if you would have been able to get it before. Many independently wealthy persons choose not to use the service, even though they put large sums of their earnings into it. There are many reasons why a person may or may not choose to use this coverage, but the government can’t make Medicare Mandatory if you are receiving social security.

You May Choose To Only Use Certain Parts Of Your Plan

If you are lucky enough to not need to use all of your Medicare benefits you may still choose to use some of them. If you needed help with medications and qualified for that part, then you could only use the system for that service. Some confused seniors wonder if the government can make Medicare mandatory if they are receiving social security, and the answer is no. On the other hand, it is usually in their best interest to at least see if they qualify for some assistance.

The Benefits Of Medicare Can Be Substantial

Unless you are overwhelmingly wealthy it may be a good idea to use however much coverage is available to you. That way you can protect your retirement savings from being eroded by extensive medical bills. While the government can’t make Medicare mandatory if you are receiving social security, the fact that you rely on government help already suggests that you could use some more assistance. Medicare was created to help improve the quality of life for seniors.

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