If My Health Needs Change, Can I Switch Medicare Supplemental Plans?

Unfortunately if someone’s health changes during the time they are covered by one of the many Medicare supplemental plans they will have to keep the current plan until open enrollment. Oct. 15 until Dec. 7, 2011 is the new time for open enrollment and each person at this time has an opportunity to change Medicare supplemental plans. The changes will be effective January 1, 2012. It is also possible to add or drop a drug plan. Someone who has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness will want to make sure they look into adding the drug plan because Medicare does not cover drugs.

Most People Are Confused As To What They Need In Medicare Supplemental Plans

Turning 65 is a relief to some people who have not carried health insurance. Medicare begins the first day of their birthday month. It is not necessary to apply, it just naturally happens. The fee will be taken out of social security if they are currently taking it, and if not, it will have to be paid. It is usually around one hundred dollars. Many people find this is a good time to take social security to help pay for this additional cost. There are insurance brokers who specialize in selling Medicare supplemental plans and it can be a good idea to find a trusted one to help explain all the programs. The supplement program will also be an extra cost which will be paid directly to the insurance company.

What If A Person Has Private Insurance When They Turn 65?

Anyone who is privately insured when they turn 65 might want to consider keeping that coverage. They will not need a supplemental plan at that time and often the private insurance will coverage dental and vision. These are two of the things that are not covered under Medicare or a supplemental plan. Hearing aids are also not covered and more and more insurance companies are adding this important item in their plans as per government regulation so keeping the private insurance is often a good choice. When someone is ready to switch and go on Medicare, they need to contact the social security office a good two months before they want to start the coverage. They will also be able to buy a Medicare Supplement plan at this time even though it is not open enrollment.

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