How Secure is Medicare Information Online?

With news reports coming out every day about identity theft, scams, and online con artists, many are asking the question: is your medicare information safe?

Today, most of us do almost all of our dealings on the internet. Banking, credit cards, mortgages, and even keeping up with the family takes place on the world wide web. But with scam artists and identity thieves running around, is your medicare information truly safe?

What Are The Risks?

There are two main concerns when managing your medicare information online: losing your data, and having your data stolen. These are two separate, but equally important issues. With electronic documents becoming more prevalent, the fear of losing all of your online data can be very real to many. Also, since medicare information is linked to personal information, it can be a concern that someone will steal this information, and use it for something such as identity theft.

Storing Your Data Safely

There are many things you can do if you’re concerned about losing electronic data. You can print this data and keep it in your safe. You can also save the file on your computer and back it up on an external hard drive, CD, DVD, or flash drive. A computer technician can help you make sure that all your vital records are backed up and appropriately password protected. In this manner, even if you lose access to the internet, you will still have your important information.

Protecting Your Data From Thieves

While your medicare information isn’t, in itself, a prime target for thieves, the associated information may be. Thieves that find your login name and password can access your personal information such as addresses and social security numbers, and they can use this information to try to steal your identity. To avoid this, make sure that you regularly change your password, keep your passwords difficult, and always log out of the websites when done.

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