How Does Medigap Insurance Protect Me?

Hold it! Don’t get confused. Medigap is just another name for supplemental insurance. Both are not free and the protection comes from a Medicare approved private insurance company. Unless you are already enrolled in the Medicare Advantage program, you might want to consider Medigap Insurance.

I’m Trying To Make A Medigap Insurance Plan Decision. Help!

Well, it’s a frustrating decision deciding what you need or not and the costs involved that are not covered by your original Medicare Plan that does provide free coverage on some medical needs. You can help in the decision making process by reviewing the Web site,, locate the names of some approved companies to compare costs and available coverage programs.

What Is The Advantage Of Having The Medigap Insurance Plan D?

Plan D is basically a prescription drug plan.
Several years ago a study was made about the Medigap Insurance Plan D prescription drug program, in terms of how many Medicare recipients were enrolled and how effective it was. 25 million annuitants later, most were satisfied. However, back then the cost for coverage was much lower than it is now.

Now The $64,000 Dollar Question. What Is The Cost Of Medigap Insurance?

There will be some “gaps” left wide open after you have Medicare parts A & B. These two policies do not work with any other coverage you might already have with a workers union or other companies not affiliated with Medicare or
Medicare Advantage plans or VA benefits. Ergo, you need to select a Medicare Insurance gap policy to help pay copayments, deductibles, and other insurance that are otherwise left open by regular Medicare. Costs vary; do your research.

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