How Do I Start Medicare & Supplemental Insurance?

When someone turns sixty five several things happen. They will receive a Medicare card from the government on the first day of their birthday month. If they have private health insurance, they can opt out of taking it at that time. If in the future they decide to start Medicare they will need to contact the Social Security office at least two or three months in advance. Careful planning is necessary for the person who wants to wait to take the Medicare. When they do take the Medicare they need to think about buying Medicare supplemental insurance. Everyone needs to look into this important option because Medicare does not cover all the medical bills someone might incur.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Is Sold By Private Companies

Once someone had decided to start Medicare they will need to consider which Medicare supplemental insurance plan they are going to use. Often several ads about Medicare supplemental insurance will arrive in mail for the months proceeding a person turning 65. These plans are regulated by the government and sold by private carriers. Many of them are the same and it is a good idea to talk to an agent that can explain each plan. The prices vary from company to company so a good broker will have access to many plans and compare all the options.

The Medicare Supplement Insurance will need to be bought during open enrollment

Once a year is it possible to change the plan. It is called open enrollment. The person on Medicare can buy Medicare supplemental insurance during this window of time. They will review what is offered and consider their health needs. Some may want to include a drug program but others will opt to wait. It is important to remember that dental and vision are not part of Medicare or medicare supplemental insurance.

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