How Do I Find A Medicare Approved Home Health Agency?

Finding a Medicare approved health care agency is not as simple as it may seem. This is a life issue and must be approached with great care, research, and dedication. To help in this quest below are listed several factors which may help ensure a family finding the right home health care agency for a loved one as well as to have a more rewarding, safe experience.

First Inquire About Medicare Approved Agencies

This can be best done by: going to the website; asking a doctor or hospital social worker for several referrals; getting into contact with other elderly or community service agencies; looking for Yellow Pages listed health care agencies which openly state “Medicare Approved” and perhaps the most reliable of all, asking other family or friends for their personal opinions, experiences, and/or referrals if need be.

Pay Attention To One’s Instincts and Do Not Go Exclusively On Term “Medicare Approved”

If something doesn’t feel right, close attention must be paid to doing anything against one’s better judgment. A home health agency which is Medicare approved means the agency has passed its standards and is supervised by it; however, this is not always the case nor does it mean that the agency is indeed Medicare approved.

Check All Medicare Documentation Before Initialing Anything

Families must be on guard as some unscrupulous home health agencies may try to have families or patients sign for supplies and/or services that were never rendered by the agency.

In reality, Medicare approved home health agencies monitor themselves to keep a careful watch on everything Medicare-related; however, as in all things in life caution should be exercised by all parties involved as accidents and fraud does occasionally happen.

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