How Can I Take Advantage Of Medicare Open Enrollment?

Medicare recipients now find themselves in the Medicare open enrollment period. Although a number of commercials appear on television touting the benefits of the changes that were recently added to the program, this period happens every year. In order for a person to take advantage of the program in a timely fashion, he must find ways to make changes to his Medicare coverage between November 15th and January 15th. After this, he gets locked into the Medicare coverage he has until the next Medicare open enrollment period occurs. The changes can be made online or go to his local social security office.

What Can I Do During Medicare Open Enrollment?

The most common change since 2006 was for people to add Medicare Part D. The new policy, which covered prescription drugs, came into being in 2006. A Medicare recipient can add or drop portions of his coverage or even choose a Medicare carve-out plan if he wants to do so. The best way to take full advantage is to do some research and understand all the options available to the person. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act made a lot of change to Medicare itself, although the changes may not last due to legal challenges.

What Else Can I Do To Take Advantage of Medicare Open Enrollment?

If a person wants to make changes, it is better not to wait too long. Although the window he has is three months long, procrastinators know that these deadlines have a way of sneaking up on an individual, whether or not he wants them to. Waiting too long may lock a person into unnecessary or unwanted coverage for another year. It may also mean he pays too much instead of getting help paying the Part B or Part D premiums for the health insurance program.

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