Does Original Medicare Cover Mental Health Care?

Original Medicare covers many services. Many insurance companies do not provide mental health services to their patients because treatment for mental health conditions is ongoing. Counselor visits on a weekly or biweekly basis can cause a person to quickly remove the deductible. If the insurance company offers a prescription plan in addition to a normal health insurance plan, it only adds to the cost. Medicare is a government. Original Medicare offers a person so many benefit days for hospitalization within a six month period.

Mental Health Services Covered by Original Medicare

In addition to hospitalization services covered under Part A, Medicare Part B will cover outpatient services. This includes doctor’s visits, medicine check-ups and regular mental health screenings. Original Medicare often does not distinguish from preventative physical health services and preventative mental health services. It views both as necessary to a person’s overall health and long-term well being. The only recent change to mental health coverage occurred in 2006 when the Bush administration passed the Medicare Modernization Act. The bill expanded the services offered under the program to include prescription drugs. In effect, the bill expanded the amount of coverage for mental Health issues the original Medicare program offered.

Original Medicare Covers Prescription Drugs for Mental Illnesses

A person can now get his drugs and doctor’s appointments covered by the Medicare program. He has to pay whatever premiums he would have to pay before, along with any co-pays incurred. A co-pay might be expensive, but it is always less than the full cost of the appointment. A problem with mental health treatment in the past, and one that continues today is that the cost of treatment often exceeds the means of the people who most need it to pay for it. Original Medicare has helped solve this for one segment of the population.

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