Does Obamacare Really Cut Medicare Benefits To Senior Citizens?

Obamacare may not have worked as intended, but even although there are many things in the bill that people consider undesirable, the changes the bill made to Medicare are not one of them. The benefits paid to senior citizens was not cut as a result of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. An earlier bill cut the amount of money doctors receive from the program. While this may mean that access to benefits were effectively cut because the access has been reduced, it does not mean that a patient who has a doctor who accepts Medicare will have to settle for fewer services.

Obamcare and Medicare Benefits

The changes the Obama administration were praised as largely positive even by critics of the bill. The most severe criticism is that the measures did not go far enough to cut waste and corruption out of the Medicare program. The uncertainty of the future of positive benefits may have some people on edge, but if the Supreme Court does not overturn the entire bill on constitutional grounds, the changes made to Medicare will not be blocked by the Republican congress. Senior citizens do not need to worry about losing health care insurance coverage.

Where Can I Find Information About My Medicare Benefits Under the New Law?

The White House put out a page that shows what is intended under the new law, but this site suffers from an extreme bias in favor of the policy. News sites have their own opinions about what is good and bad regarding Obamacare and Medicare benefits, but these will also contain editorialized information. Medicare itself will contain information about the specific changes that affect the program. The Social Security Administration’s red book should answer the questions of most people. The handbook is available online or at a person’s local social security office

4 Responses to “Does Obamacare Really Cut Medicare Benefits To Senior Citizens?”

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  3. Jack says:

    You are correct in that Obamacare does not cut any benefits from the Medicare, but it does partially defund Medicare Advantage and takes a total of 715 Billion dollars out of the program. the cuts are to payments to doctors and hospitals, not a direct cut to benefits, but this will cause many doctors, hospitals and clinics to stop offering the option of Medicare as a method of payment.

  4. I never hear anything about original Medicare just Medicare Advantage. I have original Medicare and ARRP supplement. Am I not in the right place. I became a widow in August 2013. I am 76. It sounds like everybody is going to Humana. Thank you and God Bless