Does AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance Give Me Extra?

The American Association of Retired Persons offers many insurance options for older Americans. A person listening to the commercials who is a member of the agency may wonder if the products are as good as they claim. The truth is that the plans do not necessarily offer more coverage than the standard plans offered by the government. The prices offered are competitive to other plans. Sometimes they are lower, sometimes they are not. The clout of the large organization does let people receive another benefit if they decide to go through any of the plans offered through the AARP.

What Is The Advantage of Buying AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

The primary advantage of buying AARP supplemental insurance is the range of options a Medicare recipient has. If a Medicare recipient has just turned 65 and been enrolled in Medicare Part B, he has entered a period known as Medigap open enrollment. During this time, a person can choose any Medigap policy he wants without worrying about Medical underwriting. Choosing an AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance as the provider lets a person pick any of the standardized plans the government allows insurance providers to sell to consumers. AARP does not extend the additional coverage.

Are There Other Advantages to Buying AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

After reading the preceding paragraphs, a reader might have gotten the mistaken idea that these plans are not worth it. Because AARP is recognized across the nation, the primary advantage is the likelihood that a doctor or hospital outside of a person’s normal home area will accept the plans. For travelers or people who have residences in more than one state, this can be quite a useful feature in health insurance coverage. The prices also, as it has pointed out, are about the same as other major competitors to AARP Medicare supplemental insurance.

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