Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Have A Medicare Supplement?

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Have A Medicare Supplement?

Experience travelers know that even with Medicare supplements, having an added travel insurance policy may be the deciding factor in taking that once-in-a-lifetime vacation to an exciting, exotic locale. Travel insurance package plans are multi-level plans that cover typical travelers, and those who travel to those exotic locations.

A Secret To Smart Traveling Abroad

The secret to smart traveling is buying travel insurance to avoid medical emergency evacuation fees, especially abroad. Medicare supplements, also known as medigaps, can be denied if a medical service is filed as unnecessary by the medical contractor. Some Medicare supplements do not cover travel abroad. The worst case scenario for a traveler is to find themselves without travel insurance, confined to a hospital in another country, and having to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses.

What Travel Insurance Covers

Travel insurance covers lost baggage and reimbursements for travel in the event a flight is canceled. The coverage includes severe weather or missed flights. Travel insurance covers medical expenses as well. These include emergency refills on important prescriptions, and health related illnesses. Travel insurance also pays for medical evacuations and a stay at a medical facility.

Return Policies

The most rewarding answer to, “Why do I need travel insurance if I have a Medicare supplement?”, is the fact that most travel insurance package plans include a free return policy. This free return policy allows the traveler to decide if a travel insurance package fits with the needs of their vacation plans. Adventurous vacations, like mountain climbing, may cost the traveler extra, so shopping around for the right plan is advised.

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