Do I Need A Medicare Drug Plan?

If you are a recipient of Social Security and qualify for Medicare, you should make it a point to sign up immediately for a Medicare drug plan. Your prescription drug coverage can be much lower than a Medicare prescription drug plan if you choose a private insurance company drug plan approved by Medicare. If you qualify, your premiums for your drug plan might be covered. You need to find out what you qualify for and apply as soon as you are approved for medicare. Your premiums taken out of your Social Security might be much more if you go with a regular Medicare Drug Plan than with an approved provider of prescription drugs to people on Medicare. Of course, you need a Medicare Prescription Plan regardless of which kind you opt to enroll in since the cost of prescription drugs without a Medicare Drug Plan might be beyond your reach if you are not covered with a Medicare Drug Plan.

If You Qualify For Medicare You Need A Medicare Drug Plan

The costs of prescription drugs have skyrocketed beyond the financial limits of people who live on their Social Security income. If you qualify for Medicare, you qualify for a Medicare drug plan that can be used to keep your provisions of prescription drugs in line with your physician’s dosage recommendations. It is foolish to try and pay for your prescription drugs when on Medicare using your own funds if you qualify for Medicare and have a limited income.

Talk To Your Pharmacist If You Are Not Sure Of How To Apply For A Medicare Drug Plan

Your contacts with your pharmacist, who knows your prescription drug history, are the best place to discuss getting covered by a Medicare drug plan or a Medicare approved drug plan. Your pharmacist can help you to understand your savings and how to get help to apply for a Medicare drug plan.

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