Can Medicare Be Saved?

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is the government run health care program that most of the country’s senior citizens are on. It is a free service to them that is an entitlement for being an American citizen. That is to say that all Americans are guaranteed their Medicare covered health insurance when they get older. Or at least that is how it used to be. There are now some who are questioning if the Medicare program is going to be able to survive going into the future.

The Problem

The problem with Medicare is the way that it is set up. Currently, the workers of today are paying for the health care of the seniors. Then, when those workers become seniors, the next generation will pay for Medicare benefits. This all seems great, but it has run into some problems. The primary program is that there are not as many people with jobs right now. The unemployment rate is nearly 10%. This means that there is not as much money going into Medicare. Secondly, there are more people who are becoming seniors. The baby boomer generation is getting to be of senior age now. This all means that there are more expenses and less revenue. Some guess that the whole system itself may not be able to survive.

Can It Be Stopped?

Given the way that Washington operates, there is little hope that Medicare can be saved. Rather than try to create commonsense solutions to the problems, the two parties prefer to have political battles with one another. This leads to nothing getting done and general frustration from the public. It is wise to bet that this system may one day not exist. If that happens, then it could be a sad day for those who are struggling to pay for their health care expenses.

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