Can I Reenroll in FEHB If I Drop My Medicare Advantage Plan?

The Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHB) is provided to federal employees to cover medical costs. This program is similar to Medicare although FEHB does provide emergency care in all parts of the world, whereas Medicare only covers emergency costs in the United States. In addition, some FEHB programs offer vision and dental care, but do not cover certain services that a Medicare Advantage Plan covers. These differences in coverage can cause an individual the need to switch health care plans according to their specific health needs.

Reenrollment into FEHB

Individuals who wish to switch back to FEHB after having a Medicare Advantage plan can do so if they have previously provided the proper documentation to their retirement system informing them that they were suspending their FEHB coverage to switch to a Medicare Advantage plan.

Open Season for Reenrollment

Individuals must wait to reenroll during the upcoming Open Season, unless they lost their advantage coverage due to moving outside their service area. If this occurs, they can reenroll 31 days before they lose their coverage to 60 days after they lose their coverage.

When Does Reenrollment Become Effective?

When an individual reenrolls in the FEHB program within the proper timeframe, the FEHB coverage will begin the day after the Medicare Advantage plan has ended.

Do I Need A Medicare Advantage Plan If I Have FEHB?

Depending on the benefits that are provided through the FEHB program, a Medicare Advantage Plan can help to cover healthcare costs that perhaps the FEHB program does not provide such as coinsurance and deductibles. In addition, those who are eligible for Medicare Part A should take it, regardless of if they are still employed or not as no premiums are required.

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