Are there changes to the Medicare Supplement Plan design?

As of June of 2010, changes were implemented to the health care system. Not all changes are good, however, and the fact that a new law was passed has caused some to worry. It is understandable that you want answers. Here are some of the things that have been changed.

Removal Of Plans

Two benefits are being removed from the Medicare supplement plan. These include the “preventive care benefit” and the “at home recovery” benefit. These benefits are no longer seen as adding anything to the primary Medicare program, and are thought to be unnecessary. This means that plans E, H, I, and J will be removed because they are now identical to other plans that are already available. While these benefits have been removed, a new benefit is being added. This new benefit is for hospice care, and it will be added to all of the current plans.

New Plans Added

Two new plans will be added to the program. These will be referred to as Medicare Supplement plan M and N. Plan N will have benefits which are similar to Plan D. However, plan N will offer a twenty dollar co-payment with doctor visits and a fifty dollar co-payment with hospital visits. The good news is that this plan is expected to have lower costs. They should cost about seventy-seven percent as much as Plan D. Plan M will also be similar to Plan D, but it will only offer fifty percent of the Plan A deductible and none of the Plan B deductible. It is expected to cost about eighty-two percent as much as Plan D.

Lower Premiums

Experts in the industry are excited about the changes to the Medicare Supplement plan because they will lead to lower monthly premiums, which will make them more attractive to potential customers. There are some concerns that the plans were not created with the consumer in mind, however. Either way, each individual’s needs will be different.

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