Are Medigap Plans The Same Throughout The Country?

Medigap policies include Medicare supplement plans, which are sold and administered by private insurance companies, covering the services that original Medicare does not. Medicare Part A and B can be used together with Medigap Plans for Medicare supplement. Using the Medicare program and the Medigap Plans for Medicare supplement the amount of out of pocket expenses can be reduced.


All twelve Medigap Plans of Medicare supplements have different levels of coverage with variables for monthly premium costs. Medigap Plans for Medicare supplement provisions are mandated to be identical across the country with specific states offering their own similar plans. Typically, private insurance companies offer a range of the twelve Medigap Plans. They are not required to offer all twelve, Plan A is the exception and must be offered across the country.


On the first day an individual becomes 65 years of age, enrolls in Medicare Part B, the open enrollment period begins for Medigap Plans. For 6 months the Medicare participant can review the Medigap Plans for Medicare supplements available in the area and make a selection. If the Medicare participant has any pre-existing conditions, they will not be denied coverage. Medigap policies automatically renew each year unless the Medicare participant makes a request for change. Depending on the plan selected hospital deductibles and office visit co-pays are covered.


Doctors are allowed to charge additional amounts over the assigned Medicare copay. Those additional charges will pass to the Medicare participant as a deductible or out of pocket expense. Medicare participants in Medigap Plans with the Medicare supplement plan may receive coverage for these additional costs eliminating out of pockets costs. Hospitals deductibles are treated the same way, depending for selected Medigap Plans.

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