Are Medicare Benefits The Same In Every State?

Does Medicare Have The Same Benefits From One State To The Next?

If you are someone who receives Medicare, then you may be surprised to learn that Medicare benefits do not necessarily remain the same from one state to the next. Each state is allowed to make it’s own rules on who receives what and under what conditions. If you already receive benefits in the state where you live and are considering moving to another state, then you will want to check up on any different rules or regulations they may have.

Are There Any Special Exceptions To The General Rule?

The general rule about Medicare benefits is that they do have some general similarities between states. You are not going to lose everything that you have simply because you move to another state. However there are a few exception states that have crafted Medicare plans of their very own. Those states currently are Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Those three states have created their own internal health care systems that are still similar to the Medicare program, but they do everything themselves. These state run programs are new to the health care scene and are still in their early years of operating.

Which Is Better, Federal Medicare Or A State Run System?

This is the great health care debate of our time. People will continue to argue about which kind of system is a better one for getting the best medicare benefits. For the average person the argument is irrelevant. What really matters is that you are able to get the best system with the best benefits for yourself. The debate is an interesting one, but it is more academic than practical for the average person to think about. Check into the medicare benefits that you will receive in your state versus others at a government website dedicated to the topic.

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